Don't Quit Your Day Job (Explicit)

by Ray Prim, Bekah Kelso

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Austin soulwriter Ray Prim and I are both in a song-a-week writers group. This week's prompt was "when the clock stops", and Ray asked if I wanted to collabo on a hip hop track for this one. We did and we do, in just a couple days time in fact, and Ray made it hot for your ears by mixing and producing it for ya. Ray's bringing back that Chuck D. flow, yall. IT'S OLD SCHOOL, YA HEARD?! Haha. Enjoy knuckleheads. Don't Quit Yo Day Job!


Well I'm back and I'm black
And I'm still trying to rap
After all of these years being told that I lack
All the necessary skills to pay all my bills
By rhyming and spitting
Controlling and holding
The mic in my hand and with my fist in the air
Pull it down, turn around, let the fear disappear
Cause I ain't afraid of you MUFUCKAS
Been writing and singing
Creating and mixing
A style of my own since 1992
It started with 7 then Primm and now grew
Into something you can't put your finger on
You can try if you will
But I promise that you'll
Never be able to pigeon hole
I'm like bill wither's child, you can lean on me fo
A melody that will make you slap yo momma
It's drama I'm after
Ain't no time for laughter
You smile if you wanna
Just know that I'm after
That song will make you
That beat that will break you
The word that can change you
The lyrics that loose you
Before I confuse you
Yo Bekah where is you?

What up, Shamrock?
It's the genre-less wonder
Dodging boxes, detoxing jukeboxes
Right alongside you, Prim
Ready to begin disassembling all the definitions of a musician working while Cyrus twerking got everyone's attention (maaaaaan)
She's shaking for millions while I stay resilient
I sing for my supper
Deal with the hustlers
Flex some soul perplexing muscles
Like Ray told you, I ain't afraid of you MUFUKAS either
Nothing to see here
Just a girl with a song and a mic
And a dream full of pipes
And crowd that might love me or leave me tonight
I admit a little masochistic but tight
How we stay on our grind each night
Fearless & flawed
People applaud
Voice in the back yacking "don't quit your day job"

Don't quit, <turn my head phones up>, don't quit your day job mmm (x4)

I'm dropping songs like hotcakes
Snowflakes in the winter
just give me a topic
I'll rock it
I doubt that I'll ever be able to walk away
Cause I'm in for life ..BEKAH
girl believe when I say
that it makes no difference what the subject is
you just give me a week
sit back and you'll see
that I'll make it do what it was meant to do
I know haters need proof
so here's what we'll do
Baby C drop it on us let's test it out

when the clock stops its over
no need to pretend
you can beg and begin to serve time for your sins
cause ain't nothing worst than a life of regret
so i live in the now
and i've learned to forgive
and love all the ones that got love for me
people come, people go, people stay, people leave
best believe B i got choo
you need me to sing?
open or close doesn't matter to me
I'm yo Boy!!
just want you to know
when ever you need me i'm ready go...ggg go

Here we go
To the Bat Cave!
We crafting the flow
Coming atcha with deck-stacking soul
We're lacking no padding to handle the blows
Of this endless hit or miss business
An abyss of big wigs say
"I just don't hear any money in this
I don't know how to sell it
Cause I don't know what it is"
For a long time that shit was a crying shame
Now I feel no pain
Now I know my name
This is hall of fame level for the fortuneless free-singing soulwriters league
Best believe when you drop that furrowed brow
Scowling bout how you shoulda made it by now
Then you free
When the clock stops
We can all rock
We can hip hop
We can doo wap
And we won't stop musically moving the mob
Voice in the back yacking "don't quit your day job!"

Don't quit, <turn my head phones up>, don't quit your day job mmm (x4)


released December 19, 2013
Ray Prim mixed and produced.



all rights reserved


Bekah Kelso San Antonio, Texas

Take one part bohemian and one part brass knuckles, stir in some wanderlust, simmer at 100° in Texas weather for 30 something years. Remove from heat and let chill. Serve Bekah Kelso with a folk-hop twist, relax and enjoy.


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